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Regular Menu

Mini Cupcakes: $13.75/12

Regular Cupcakes: $15.50/6 $30.00/12

Gluten Free Cupcakes: $3.50/ea $20.00/6 $38.00/12

Bars: $3.50/ea $20.00/6 $38.00/12

- Hello Dollies, Lemon Bars, Nanaimo Bars,

Wonder Bars, Buttertart Bars, Millionaire Shortbread

Bars: $4.00/ea $22.50/6 $44.00/12

-Brownies, Date Bars

Eclairs: $3.50.ea $20.00/6 $38.00/12

Stuffed Cookies: $5.00/ea $28.50/6 $55.00/12

-PBJ, S'mores, Red Velvet

French Macarons: $12.50/6 $24.00/12

-Random assortment based on availability

Flakies: $3.75/ea $21.00/6 $39.00/12

Basic Cake w/ Greeting: $25.00/6", $35.00/8"

-Chocolate, Vanilla, Marble, Red Velvet, Carrot

Rosette Cake: $40.00/6", $55.00/8"

-Chocolate, Vanilla, Marble, Red Velvet, Carrot

3" Cheesecakes: $7.00/EA $38.00/6 $69.00/DOZ

-Cherry, Oreo, Ferrero, S'mores

8” Mix n' Match Cheesecake (2 days notice): $40.00

Your choice of 8 pieces 

-Cherry, Oreo, Ferrero, S'mores









1/4 Pound Stuffed Cookies: